Harbour Front 10k 2016

Photo Credit: Nautilus Running
Photo Credit: Nautilus Running
550 spots sold for the event and 497 runners crossed the finish line. Not only was this was the first time that the race sold out, but only 220 runners crossed the line last year. 118 in 2014. 178 in 2013.

Finishers by year

The women’s race was won by favourite Kate Bazeley in spite of a hamstring issue. Second place Anne Johnston is looking to be in top form and was not far behind Bazeley. McIlroy came in third and is as fast as ever inspite of her heavy ECT mileage.

3rd place women's finisher - Caroline McIlroy 37:06
3rd place women’s finisher – Caroline McIlroy 37:06
2nd place women's finisher - Anne Johnston 35:58
2nd place women’s finisher – Anne Johnston 35:58
1st place women's finisher - Kate Bazeley 35:09
1st place women’s finisher – Kate Bazeley 35:09
The men’s side saw Saucony teammates Fewer and Freake. Fewer has dominated the men’s local running scene in the last decade but has been frustrated by injuries in the last couple of years. David Freake has steadily been progressing over the last 5 years and looks to be in prime form this season. Freake was able to edge out Fewer in the fall’s Turkey Tea 10k race, but Fewer was looking back to regular form in this event and held out for a win margin of 30 seconds. Peter Bazeley, a steady performer in races and also husband of Kate Bazeley, rounded out the top three.

3rd place men's finisher - Peter Bazeley 34:03
3rd place men’s finisher – Peter Bazeley 34:03
2nd place men's finisher - David Freake 32:28
2nd place men’s finisher – David Freake 32:28
1st place men's finisher - Colin Fewer 31:54
1st place men’s finisher – Colin Fewer 31:54

A full album of race photos from Biped Sports.

Complete results are here and finish line photos can be found here.

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