Huffin Puffin 2014

558 out of 577 runners completed one of the three courses in Nautilus’ Huffin Puffin this Sunday (marathon, half-marathon, and team relay.) It’s a tough course that counts as a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.
The number of participants has grown from 62 at its 1994 inception and it is clear that the Puffin’s growth has extended throughout the running community in various ways – Biped sports was there to cover photography & Core Insight offered their running-specialized services at the finish line.
It was a chilly morning with harsh wind but support and cheering ran the length of the course alongside participants, & the sun came out by the finish: Edward Durnford and Janet Quick placed first for men & women in the full marathon as did Michael King and Jennifer Murrin in the half and the ANE Juniors in the team relay.

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