Mundy Pond 5k 2015

Waiting for the Start

It was warmer than the Flat Out 5k, but the comparable winds and buckets of fog and drizzle made for tough race conditions this past Sunday for Nautilus Running‘s Mundy Pond 5k 2015. Environment Canada says the winds were between 31-34 km/hr for St.john’s west at that time but most runners’ times seemed off by 20-40 seconds from the 5k put off by Athletics North East two weekends prior.

Jordan Fewer staying under 16 mins despite the unfavorable conditions.
Jordan Fewer staying under 16 mins despite the unfavorable conditions.

Of note, Jordan Fewer was unable to crack 15:30 to win an elite bid for the Ottawa 10k race in May (see Jordan’s interview here). Jordan ran the race pretty much alone with the next closest runner being over a full minute behind him.

Lowe in the red shirt rushing past Trahey in the final seconds.


2nd place

The most exciting part of the race was the men’s 2nd place battle: Chris Lowe (a Memorial University XC runner) was in second place after the first lap of two, but nearing the finish line Trevor Trahey took the lead and it appeared that he would finish ahead of Lowe. Many runners were still completing their first lap as the two approached the finish, but even with having to come around from the outside Lowe threw down a powerful finishing kick in the last 100 meters to blow by a strong runner in Trahey.

Janelle Simmons
Janelle Simmons cruising to a 1st place podium finish.


The women’s race was close with only 21 seconds separating first and second place. Janelle Simmons, a former Seahawks cross country runner in the 30-39 category, beat out Amanda Wilkins, a twenty something current Memorial runner(edit: I consider her current until the new season starts). Simmons ran an impressive 19:11 with Wilkins not far off at 19:33. Steph Nevin claimed third place with a time of 20:33.

Amanda Wilkins sprinting to second place.


Steph Nevin on her way to 3rd place in the Mundy Pond 5k.
Steph Nevin on her way to 3rd place in the Mundy Pond 5k.

243 runners finished the race compared to 181 the previous year (15.97% increase). 276 for the Flat Out 5k compared to 238 the year previous (34.25% increase from last year). It will be interesting to see if the number of runners continues to rise for all races this year leading into the Tely 10. The Tely currently has 1541 runners registered and is capped at 4700. Last year 4181 people registered so if this trend holds true, they will have absolutely no problem selling out. There are definitely a lot of factors and assumptions in this statement, but it’s fun to think about running becoming so popular in Newfoundland.


Here’s video of the race near the finish line:


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