SWURL Spring Ultimate Frisbee League


Tuesday April 7th saw the first night of indoor spring league action for SWURL(St. John’s Women’s Ultimate Recreational League). They are offering two leagues, competitive and recreational. Both run on Tuesday nights, the comp is just a game for an hour, and the rec is 1.5 hours, in which the first 30 minutes has drills/ clinics to try to teach the newer players the basics. Due to field availability, the duration of the comp league is shorter than the rec (only 6 weeks) so there will be a 5 week round robin and one play off game to determine league winner. The rec league will also have a round robin and play offs, but it is longer (9 weeks). The rec league was open to any lady, the comp league we set a minimum overall average team rating of 27 to play. This rating is determined by a survey on the SWURL website which is a global player survey used by ultimate Canada!






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