Doug Partridge Round-up

The Doug Partridge drama has by far been the most interesting story line in local sports this year my opinion. Here’s a round of local coverage to get you caught up:

Nov 18 CBC – Doug Partridge an ‘intense coach,’ but trying to change

Nov 18 National Post – ‘Old school’ university basketball coach learns yelling at players no longer acceptable in new era

Nov 20 The Muse – Hot-headed MUN coach remorseful for aggression towards player

Nov 24 CBC – ‘Doug Partridge needs a break,’ says coach Scott Noftall

Nov 26 The Muse – An introspective look at controversial coach, Doug Partridge

Nov 26 CBC – Suspension extended for MUN coach Doug Partridge

Nov 27 The Muse – With coach once again in trouble, women’s basketball team shares spoils at home with UPEI

Dec 5 CBC – MUN finishes Doug Partridge review; coach back on bench in mid-January

Mar 13 The Telegram – MUN Fires Partridge

Mar 13 CBC – Doug Partridge, long-time basketball coach, no longer with MUN Sea-Hawks

Mar 13 NTV – MUN fires controversial basketball coach Doug Partridge

Mar 13 The Muse – MUN women’s basketball coach Doug Partridge fired after 22 years

Mar 17 – The Telegram – Cause of this firing still unknown

Mar 18 The Telegram – Partridge’s AUS coaching counterparts say he’ll be missed

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