Memorial University Men’s Basketball 2015 Opening Weekend

Seahawks Team Huddle
Seahawks Team Huddle

The opening weekend roster:

Name Position Year Hometown
Davion Parnsalu Guard 3 Ajax ON
Deng Ring Guard 1 St.John’s NL
Jovan Babovic Guard 2 Belgrade, Serbia
Austin Chambers Guard 2 Ajax Ontario
Vasilije Curcic Forward 4 Serbia
Padraig Dawe Forward 1 Paradise NL
Liam Dunphy Forward 1 Mount Pearl NL
Daniel Gordon Guard 3 Scarborough ON
Caleb Gould Forward 5 Aurora ON
Kieran Hawksley Forward 3 St.John’s NL
Alpha Kisui Guard 4 Tanzania
Greg Manual Forward 1 Mineville NS
Noel Moffatt Forward 5 St.John’s NL
Curcic drawing a LOT of attention down low from the St.Mary's defenders.
Cercic drawing a LOT of attention down low from the St.Mary’s defenders.

Last season inspite of losing a key player halfway into the season, the mun men made it to the playoffs for the first time in quite a number of years. They played a strong game and had their chances to advance but couldn’t quite seal the deal. Previous success brings about expectations for the future. The 2015-16 season opener lived up to the those expectations! The highlight of the weekend had to be the alley-oop pass to Curcic which he finished with an authoritative dunk. Not a one dimensional player, Curcic also threw several beautiful no-look passes to his teammates which few big men in the league could match.

Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon with a hand in face as he elevates for the 3.

Daniel Gordon is not afraid to shoot. He looks to be a hired gun that can provide some scoring in a hurry. There were efficient minutes by rookie Liam Dunphy. He looks very comfortable and mature for a freshman. Noel Moffatt has become a premiere rebounder in the last couple of years. He even kicked in some 3s to boot! Parnalu single handedly kept them going at certain points on Sunday by showing a lot of hustle and heart. Although Sunday’s victory wasn’t the dominating win they had on Saturday night, the Memorial men’s basketball team seem overflowing with talent and primed to further improve on their playoff birth last season.

Parnsalu bring the ball up the court.
Parnslu bring the ball up the court

Box Score Saturday:

Box Score Sunday:

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