PWC vs CB Boys 4A Basketball


This was the first time in a while that I had been at a high school basketball game. I’m not sure if it was just because of it being the 4As, but the crowd was super fun. Everyone was completely focused on the game and showing their support loudly. You don’t often see that level of excitement even at the Seahawks basketball games.


I couldn’t see the scoreboard at all from my seat, but it really felt like the Cavaliers were overwhelming the Titans early in the game with a swarming defense. The athletic bodies and long arms of the Cavaliers seemed to throw off the Corner Brook players early-on. The Titans did regain their composure though, and they certainly caused some matchup problems going the other way. Tyler Wyse really put a lot of pressure on the Cavaliers to get back quickly or to give up a basket. Chris Dobbin and Nathan Barker anchored a formidable front line for Corner Brook.


PWC certainly had a lot of talent. I have to believe that Deng Ring is going to play post-secondary ball somewhere. His athleticism was through the roof. It was hard not to post just a bunch of photos of Ring flying above the rim(check them out here). Other standouts for Prince of Wales included Thierry Landu, and Manyo Rebo. Tyler Philpott also really came to life in the second half.


The Titans would go on to win the game, but the PWC team certainly were a blast to watch, and it could have easily been their game on another day. Even without Deng Ring next year they will have a dangerous squad. For the Titans, Dobbin and Baker are only in grade 11, along with Tyler Wyse, so I’m sure that they’ll be right back in position for another run at the championship next year.


On a bit of a side note, I had thought that this game had been packed, I was in for a rude awakening on the way out. The following game would be the host team, HHM. People were packed so tight in the entranceway that you could not get out. On top of that, I had made the fool hardy mistake of taking off my outdoor footwear like the sign had told me too. It took me over 10 minutes to cover fifteen feet and get my shoes from the back of the lobby! Needless to say that I will definitely be checking out more 4A games next year!

PWC Players:
David Francis #2
Ben Harpur #4
Emanuel Ring #5
Zachary Cheema #6
Deng Ring #7
Thiery Landu #10
Tyler Philpott #13
James Mackinnon #15
Jordan Pitcher #22
Andrew Wiseman #24
Robbie Stevens #25
Nathanial Furlong #32
Manyo Rebo #8

PWC Coaches:
Darrin Greenley
Dave Chafe
Tim Harpur
Carl George

Corner Brook Players:
Nathan Barker #11
Chris Dobbin #13
Tyler Wyse #12
Chris Hughes #7
Matt Hancock #10
Thomas Byrne #8
Bradley Cook #6
Nick Taylor #14
Jordan Ryan #9
Zack Applin #15
Brandon Bragg #16
Riley Woodman #4

Corner Brook Coaches:
Frank Foo
Dean Barker
Marc Thackray
Jim Hughes

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